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by Phil Palombi

Here are your bass listings for Italia, Lombardia

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Bergamo 24100 More Information
Contact Person
Vincenzo Maccuro Reference Number= 121
+393286510185 Click here to leave feedback.
Description of instrument(s)
A: Liut 4/4_1997_Capodivento, string Thomastick Spyrocore, diapason 107 cm, Underwood pk.
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Feedback Posted on 08-21-2012 by fred williams
Mr. Maccuro, I am travelling to Parma for 3 small engagements. We are a simple country band from Canada. We need a 3/4 Bass or 7/8. we will be needing for Sept. 27,28 29 &30. What are you rates and availability. And do you have any other advice for us. Are there any shops that rent to students in Milan or Parma area? Any help you can be is much appreciated Thank you Fred Williams

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