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by Phil Palombi

Here are your bass listings for Macedonia

City Zip code
Skopje, Macedonia 1000 More Information
Contact Person
Zoran Pavloski Reference Number= 77
+38978362699 Click here to leave feedback.
Description of instrument(s)
Three double basses for rent: **1. four - string, 106.5 cm scale, ebony, carved wood, swelled back, adjustable bridge. **2. five - string, 106 cm scale, ebony, carved wood, swelled back, adjustable bridge. **3. four - string, 96 cm scale, ebony, hybrid wood, swelled back, adjustable bridge, Evah Pirazzi Weich strings. **pick-up: your choice between Fishman Full Circle, B-Band D1, Audio Technica ATR35 microphone **preamps: Nobels, Presonus TubePreamp **every bass with gigbag. transport included in the price. Don't hesitate to ask for any information, just e-mail me.
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