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by Phil Palombi

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Bruxelles 1050 More Information
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Nicola Lancerotti Reference Number= 273
32477445030 Click here to leave feedback.
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1) German anonymous bass, end of 19th century, 107cm, full bridge, mid-low action, at the moment Belcanto strings but most commonly Evah Pirazzi or Zyex strings, Realist pick-up, perfect for jazz but nice tone with the bow. 2)Chinese plywood travel bass, detachable neck, 109cm, plastic core strings (Zyex), mid action, K&K Bass Max pick-up.
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Feedback Posted on 08-19-2019 by Raimon Corbella
Hello, I'm a bassist from Barcelona ans I need a double bass to play on September the 8th. We are currently going to Waterloo but as we fly to Brussels it will be possible to pick it up. Could you please let me know about prices? My personal email is Thank you!

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